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Established in Verona in 1984 by the Surveyor Antonio Savino in company with his son Surveyor Francesco, founded as a partnership (sas) and is transformed into a sole proprietorship in 1988. Intervention of his father, who to his credit has thirty years experience of leadership and bureaucratic and administrative relationships with major real estate companies and construction companies is at local and national level, is crucial to the mark that still stands the "CANGRANDE IMMOBILIARE di Savino geom. Francesco" who from the beginning was inspired by moral principles suitable to offer to customers and ensure a high professional performance based on the preparation, integrity and ethics, avoiding all those activities that, although not illegal, violate those principles .






The primary objective of Cangrande Immobiliare is the serene and peaceful achievement of the interests of the parties, this offers high professionalism constantly keeping up to date on the laws and developments affecting the real estate industry. Located in a position of high vehicular and pedestrian transit guarantees high visibility of the products handled.


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